Space science for everyone!

SpaceStories is an exciting enterprise set up by writer Paul Sutherland to help bring the wonder of astronomy and space to the Earthling in the street.

My many years of experience as a journalist and astronomy enthusiast mean that I have the skills to write about space science for newspapers or magazines, or produce a science book to order. I can also offer a consultancy service for space organizations needing to communicate with the public.

I have been a journalist for over 25 years on leading Fleet Street titles including the Daily Mirror, Today and The Sun. My main interest outside work was always amateur astronomy, and, in 2005, I decided to combine my journalistic skills and expertise in space science to take my career in a new direction.

My mission statement is simple: To convey the excitement of astronomy and space research to ordinary people accurately but in plain English, avoiding complex jargon. My commissions have included several features for top-selling UK daily newspaper The Sun, but my work has appeared in titles from The Times to the Daily Express.

I have also contributed a number of major features to Britain's top two astronomical publications on the newsstands - BBC Sky at Night magazine and Astronomy Now.

I have written a full-colour guide to astronomy since the agency was set up and helped produce a second book that was aimed at children. My latest book, about the solar system, was produced for Reader's Digest Called Where Did Pluto Go?, it is being published in various editions worldwide. I have also edited publications for the UK's leading organisation for novice stargazers, the Society for Popular Astronomy, am a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society, and belong to the Association of British Science Writers.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if my skills and experience can be of assistance to your publication or organisation.

Contact details: Paul Sutherland, SpaceStories, 29b The Beach, Walmer, Kent, CT14 7HJ, United Kingdom.
Phone: 07941 029378 Email: